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The single source for all your job descriptions

Eradicate version confusion and streamline job description ownership by uniting HR, compensation, talent acquisition, and internal stakeholders in one user-friendly system. Achieve time and cost savings while eliminating frustrations as your organization scales.

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Quickly & easily access recent or previous job versions to save time and reduce frustrations

Job descriptions are meticulously organized to allow for quick access and retrieval by department, job family, title, and more.

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Realize significant cost saving with Mosh JD

Save thousands by creating efficiencies that improve hiring effectiveness, reduce recruiting expenses, turnover costs, and eliminate duplicate efforts. 

Job descriptions that can scale as fast as you grow

Our centralized database allows you to easily scale and create new job descriptions or make changes to existing ones efficiently as you grow.

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Level-up job description management beyond old Word docs and buried Sharepoint folders

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Job description access controls

With configurable permissions and definable architectures you can ensure consistency with your job descriptions and establish version control across your organization.

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Job description consistency

Establish job description architectures that create consistency in formats, styles, and content. 

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Improved compliance

A centralized database with an established process equipped with approvals & permissions helps you ensure job consistency and enables equity, fairness, and legal compliance.

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Improve internal training & development

Use your Mosh JD inventory to identify skills gaps and identify training needs more effectively to align employee development programs with job requirements.

See what your job descriptions are capable of with Mosh JD

Mosh JD job description inventory

Over 1,700 job description templates

Pair AI with instant access to over 1,700 same job descriptions and job description templates to save time generating relevant job description content.

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Store job posts & supporting docs together

Attach external job posts, interview guides, or any other related documents directly to the corresponding job description using Mosh docs.

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