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Job descriptions crafted in unison. No friction, just clarity & collaboration.

Establish a simple process for HR teams to collaborate and share feedback on job descriptions. Facilitate accuracy and to have everyone on the same page.

Happy employees
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Better compensation & performance management

Create equitable and competitive compensation structures that evolve as role requirements do made possible by improved communications between key stakeholders. Establish clear critieria for performance evaluations with job descriptiosn that accuractly describe the position requirments.

Gif of Mosh JD's job description collaboration capability showing a person giving feedback on a job description

Ensure a shared understanding of role requirements

Improve hiring quality through better communication between hiring managers, compensation professionals, and talent acquisition leading to the selection of candidates who are best suited and most likely to excel in their position. 

Illustration of two people collaborating on a job description

 "I'd like to add a bit about our great company culture to attract candidates."

"We have a couple of new skill requirements we need added to this role."

Role clarity for streamlined workflows, improved productivity, and a sense of purpose

Eliminate time spent researching job description templates, samples, and examples. Confidently utilize our sample job description database of job descriptions from top sources and customize the content to fit your organizational needs.

Invitiation to provide feedback on a job description
Accepting suggestions from a collaborator

A simplified process to gain feedback quickly & easily from your team

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Invite your team to provide feedback

Request feedback from internal stakeholders by sending out a simple hyperlink. No user management required. 

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Leaders review comments & edits

HR leadership reviews edits and suggestions to decide which input should be implemented or skipped. Administrators accept or reject feedback. 

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Stakeholders weigh in 

Stakeholders access the requested job description and provide suggested edits and comments sent to you for approval.

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Finalize and publish

Once all suggestions have been reviewed and approved and final edits have been made the JD is published and it's updated version is ready for use.

Exhale a sigh of relief. Your HR team is collaborating effectively and on the same page

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JDs always current with workplace requirements

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A standardized process that eliminates the chaos and unites your team

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A job description catalog with organized JDs. No more duplicates

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Employees and candidates receive accurate JDs that match your culture and role.

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