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Make compensation decisions with confidence

We enable teams to create & maintain reliable, consistent, and accurate job descriptions so you can always feel confident when making compensation decisions. 

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Start updating job descriptions in minutes 

Maintain market competitiveness as jobs requirements change

With Mosh JD your organization will be responsive to internal role requirement changes & market shifts to maintain job description accuracy and compensation competitiveness.

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"We have competency requirements for this position"

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Establish a foundation for fair and consistent pay levels and job grades

With an accurate, organized, and current job description catalog you can establish and maintain fair & equitable pay levels across your organization. 

Stay focused on comp and eliminate job description headaches

Align your team, establish a job description management process that works, and save time managing job descriptions so you can focus on compensation.

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See all your team can accomplish with Mosh JD

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Job Description Collaboration

Write better job descriptions by eliminating silos between stakeholders.
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Workforce Optimization

Improve employee retention and career development with accurate job descriptions as a performance benchmark. 
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Fair & Competitive Pay

Give total rewards professionals confidence when making compensation decisions.
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Update your Job Descriptions

Regain control of your job description inventory and establish one record of truth for all JDs

How Mosh JD gives you confidence in your job description accuracy

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Job description collaboration

Get stakeholder feedback and edits with ease by sending the job description for review with a simple hyperlink. 

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My job description catalog

Establish one record of truth for all job descriptions across your organization to keep job descriptions accurate and eliminate duplicate or dated versions. 

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Compare job descriptions

Instantly compare job descriptions side by side for thoughtful title consolidation, expansion, leveling and pay grade reviews.

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Aging job description reminders

Mosh JD's analytics ensures your job descriptions don't go too long without being reviewed or updated.

Explore more ways Mosh JD helps your HR team succeed

Human resource leadership

Job description software designed with the overall workforce strategy in mind

Hiring managers & talent acquisition 

Enable your talent team to attract more diverse & qualified candidates faster

Free resources

Check out our list of  free guides, checklists, and toolkits designed to help you create better job descriptions

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