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Regain control of your job description inventory

Easily update your job descriptions using artificial intelligence and a comprehensive database featuring over 1,700 job description templates. Centralize all job descriptions in one organized database, serving as your primary source for streamlined record-keeping.

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Update job descriptions quickly with sample job descriptions and AI

Access a database of over 1,700 sample job description templates and use artificial intelligence to write job descriptions, curate skills, and update competencies with ease 

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Establish a single system of  record for all job descriptions

Update your job descriptions and create a centralized hub for storing and accessing all job description versions.

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Tackle your job description project fast

We believe you shouldn't have to endure 200 days of calls, demos, and approvals to procure a system for updating your job descriptions. With Mosh JD, implementation takes just 1-2 weeks.

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Why Mosh JD is the best solution to update your job descriptions

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Save time & implement quickly

With the power of artificial intelligence and a database containing over 1,700 sample job descriptions and templates, updating your job content is now quick and effortless.

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Gained clarity over job versions

One of the biggest challenges when managing job descriptions is knowing which version is most current. Mosh JD eliminates the confusion and provides version clarity. 

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Unify your job description team

Gain feedback from stakeholders and request edits to job descriptions with a simple hyperlink, ensuring job description accuracy.

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No integrations or IT requirements

Mosh JD does not store any personally identifiable information or require integrations with other systems so you can get started fast. 

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Go beyond updating your job descriptions to realize additional benefits

Mosh JD's job description management software can make a substantial impact on your workforce strategy and bottom line. Learn how. 

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Hiring Effectiveness

Create accurate job descriptions that attract the best candidates, eliminate skills gaps, and reduce time to hire.
Mosh JD job description inventory

Workforce Optimization

Improve employee retention and career development with a foundation of exceptional job descriptions.
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Fair & Competetive Pay

Establish a reliable foundation for salary benchmarking to gain confidence in your compensation decisions.

How to prepare to update your job description catalog

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Identify JDs that need updates

Determine which job descriptions require updates or modification by reviewing existing jobs and comparing with roles in your organization.

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Gather information

Collect relevant information for each role from employees in the position, managers, and other stakeholders.

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Review labor laws

Ensure that job descriptions comply with state, local, and federal labor laws. Review any changed labor laws and update job descriptions accordingly. 

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