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Make data driven workforce decisions 

Compare any job description or version side by side for thoughtful title expansion or consolidation. Identify gaps or overlaps in roles with ease.

Man on laptop using Mosh JD compare job description functionality
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Compare job descriptions side by side on one screen

Whether you are looking to consolidate or expand titles, establishing job structures, or assessing pay levels Mosh JD makes it easy to compare job descriptions in a single screen view. 

Screenshot of Mosh JD compare job description functionality
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Fair compensation practices

Strategic workforce planning

Easily identify different titles with similar responsibilities and use Mosh JD's compare function to set fair and equitable salary structures to prevent wage gaps and dispareties

Identify gaps or overlaps in roles for thoughtful expansion/consolidation. Align job descriptions with your organizations strategic goals and objectives.

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Talent development & career paths

Identify opportunities for career progression and see how one role may serve as a stepping stone to another.

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Resource allocation

Make data driven decisions about resource allocation and staffing needs by comparing responsibilities and workloads associated with different roles.

Compare two versions of the same job description

Easily view job description evolution over time to ensure job description accuracy and minimize skills gaps as role requirements change.

Screenshot of Mosh JD compare job description versions
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Quality control

Make sure final versions of job descriptions meet desired standards and guidelines. 

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Legal compliance

Ensure job description compliance with all legal requirements by comparing versions over time to verify phrases and language for EEO, FLSA, etc. are all addressed where applicable.

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Revisions and editing

View edits and contributions made by different collaborators over time and ensure all revisions desired are accounted for.

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Content verification

Verify job description content accuracy when it comes to role requirements, qualifications, legal statements, etc. 

See what your job descriptions are capable of with Mosh JD

Sample collaboration request email from Mosh JD job description software

Get feedback for edits in one click

Send a feedback request to internal stakeholders one click. Gain stakeholder feedback without having to manage users. All edits tracked with full version history

Version history from MOSH JD job description software

Know which version is current 

Know which version is current and access older versions with ease with Mosh JD's full version history. All changes & edits are tracked over time in one system.

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