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Job descriptions that align with your strategic HR objectives

Achieve a job description catalog full of accurate, current, effective job descriptions that help you execute on workforce planning, resource allocation, and talent aquisition. 

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Start creating job descriptions in minutes 

Develop & maintain clear, accurate, & up-to-date job descriptions

Ensure employees and managers have a precise understanding of job roles, responsibilities, and expectations while establishing an organizational clarity that helps improve performance, talent development, and pay setting.

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Diverse group of co-workers
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Support your diversity and inclusion goals with more inclusive job descriptions

Utilize AI to identify bias and offensive language in job descriptions, fostering the creation of more inclusive job postings. Attract a diverse pool of candidates and support a varied workforce.

Stay competitive and responsive to market shifts with ease

Mosh JD empowers HR leaders to swiftly respond to role requirement changes. Update job descriptions at scale in real-time to adapt to dynamic business needs, ensuring an accurate and current job catalog at all times.

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Ensure legal compliance & fair pay practices

Establish custom job description templates that align with exempt/non-exempt requirements. Define other legal verbiage required in job descriptions ensuring all legal requirements are met at all times.

See all your team can accomplish with Mosh JD

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Workforce Optimization

Improve employee retention, satisfaction, performance, and enhance career development.
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Hiring Effectiveness

Attract a diverse pool of best fit candidates, reducing time to hire, and eliminate skills gaps.
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Fair & Competitive Pay

Give total rewards professionals confidence when making compensation decisions.
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Inclusive Job Descriptions

Create more inclusive job descriptions that attract candidates from all backgrounds and alight with your workplace culture. 

How Mosh JD takes job description management from chaos to clarity

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My job description catalog

Establish one record of truth for all job descriptions across your organization. Keep job descriptions current & accurate with stakeholder collaboration and reminders.

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Version control & permissions

Create consistency in your job description management process that facilitates compliance, job description accuracy, and fair pay practices with full version history and role based permissions. 

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AI tools for job descriptions

Utilize AI to write job descriptions & flag non-inclusive language. HR teams can swiftly generate curated content, customize it, and simultaneously combat unconscious bias to craft exceptional and inclusive job descriptions

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Internal job description collaboration

Stakeholder input is vital for adapting job descriptions to organizational needs. We've made it easy- request feedback with a simple hyperlink, no users to manage.

Explore more ways Mosh JD helps your HR team succeed

Total rewards 

Set your compensation team up to make sound compensation decisions with confidence

Hiring managers & talent acquisition 

Enable your talent team to attract more diverse & qualified candidates faster

Free resources

Check out our list of  free guides, checklists, and toolkits designed to help you create better job descriptions

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