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Maximize employee performance & workforce potential

Drive performance, career development, and enhance workforce quality with exceptional job descriptions at the foundation of your HR strategy.

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Provide employees the job clarity they desire

With Mosh JD job description software companies can establish a system to create and maintain accurate job descriptions at scale over time. This results in clearly defined expectations that boost employee satisfaction, performance, and improve retention.

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Become agile to ever changing role requirements

Effortless collaboration and job description aging analytics empower HR teams to stay abreast of evolving role requirements and maintain real-time updates to job descriptions.

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"We have new certification requirements for this position"

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Job descriptions you can rely on for performance evaluation & skills development

With accurate, up-to-date job descriptions, provide employees clear insights into where their performance will be assessed and areas for further development, enhancing their qualifications for career advancement.

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Mosh JD helps you realize the full potential of your workforce

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Set & maintain fair & competitive pay

Open communication within your HR team and accurate job descriptions provide total rewards professionals with the necessary information to accurately price jobs accurately.

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Improve job satisfaction

Clear roles and responsibilities means clear expectations for employees. When expectations are clear employees are happier.

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Optimize internal resources

Save time on redundant tasks, minimize hiring mistakes, and ensure the right individuals are brought onboard from the start.

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Reduce turnover & hire timelines

Maintaining accurate job descriptions enables your talent team to quickly identify and bring in candidates who match your criteria.

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The tools you need to make job descriptions an asset to your workforce strategy

Effective job description management is at the heart of executing your workforce strategy. Mosh JD is designed to make job descriptions easy so you can focus on your people.

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Hiring Effectiveness

Create accurate job descriptions that attract best fit candidates, eliminate skills gaps, and reduce time to hire.
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JD management

Graduate from word and excel docs. JD management software that saves time, money, and reduces compliance risks.
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Fair & Competetive Pay

Establish a reliable foundation for salary benchmarking to gain confidence in your compensation decisions.

How to optimize your workforce using job descriptions

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Understand job description purpose

Job descriptions serve as a roadmap for employees, managers, and HR to outline roles, responsibilities and expectations for each position.

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Conduct a job analysis

Gather information about tasks, duties, responsibilities, qualifications, etc. required for the role.

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Create clear and concise JDs

Write job descriptions that accurately reflect role requirements and expectations using straightforward inclusive language.

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Outline qualifications & requirements

Detail required educational background, certifications, technical and soft skills, etc. needed to find the best candidate for the role.

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