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Associate job postings, related interview guides, and more to internal job descriptions

Efficient hiring requires cohesion between internal job descriptions and external job postings. With Mosh JD's "Mosh Docs", documents are stored in one place attached right to the JD. Alignment is achieved.

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Simplified document synergy in real time for exceptional hiring and talent development. 

Update and store an unlimited number of job description supporting documents attached directly to the job description such as job posts, leveling guides, interview guides, competency matrices, and more. 

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Job posts that always match internal job descriptions as requirements change

Eliminate outdated job postings to ensure the right candidates are selected for the right roles every time.

Compensation structures that truly align with roles & responsibilities

Mosh JD enables Fair and competitive compensation to be achieved by enabling companies to create accurate job descriptions that align with compensation structures. 

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What kind of documents can I attach to the JD with Mosh Docs?

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Job postings 

Attach job postings right to the job description it is associated with. Update these documents as needed in real time to maintain accuracy and cohesion.

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New hire provisioning checklists

Ensure your new hires are well prepared for success by attaching role specific checklists right to the JD. 

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Interview guides

Create position specific tailored interview guides to ensure fair and objective evaluation of candidates. 

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Leveling Guides

Access leveling guides with ease to enable teams to make for fair and consistent salary decisions in real time.

See what your job descriptions are capable of with Mosh JD

Mosh JD's Job description catalog

Over 1,700 job description templates

Pair AI with instant access to over 1,700 same job descriptions and job description templates to save time generating relevant job description content.

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Utilize artificial intelligence to write job descriptions 

Harness the power of ChatGPT to curate and customize job description content right in Mosh JD's job description editor. 

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