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Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions. You can also contact us. We'd love to hear from you!
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  • 1. What is Mosh JD's Job Description Management Software?
    Mosh JD's Job Description Management Software is a collaborative job description software designed to help companies manage their job descriptions efficiently and effectively. Our software helps companies kick start their employee search campaigns with in-product tools such as our job description library, grammar and tone suggestions, and a built-in, advanced job description AI writer to automate the job description writing process.
  • 2. How can Mosh JD's Job Description Management Software help my company?
    Our software can help your company by streamlining the job description creation process, improving compliance, reducing HR workload, and increasing transparency and communication around job descriptions.
  • 3. Can Mosh JD's Job Description Management Software be customized to fit my company's unique needs?
    Yes! Our software is customizable and can be tailored to fit all of your company's specific job description needs.
  • 4. Is Mosh JD's Job Description Management Software user-friendly?
    Yes, our software is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Getting started is simple and involves minimal, to no IT support. We provide support when needed to ensure that all users can utilize the software effectively and efficiently.
  • 5. How is Mosh JD’s job description software priced and billed?
    Mosh JD accepts credit, debit, ACH, and check (for annual packages only). We give our customers the choice of monthly or annual billing. Pricing is based on the number of published job descriptions in your catalog with no restrictions on users or capabilities. See for more details.
  • 6. How can I get started with Mosh JD's Job Description Management Software?
    You can click here to setup an account for immediate access to our job description software or click here to contact us to set up a call or a custom demonstration with the Mosh JD team.
  • 7. Can Mosh JD help me establish a defined job description management process at my organization?
    Yes, Mosh JD was designed to help organizations establish one record of truth for all job descriptions while providing for the ability to easily develop, maintain, and collaborate on job descriptions. With Mosh JD’s job description management software, organizations can develop a defined process for creating and updating job descriptions
  • 8. If I'm developing a job description that is new to our organization and I am unsure what to write, how can Mosh JD help me?
    Mosh JD makes writing a new job description easy by providing job description samples and job description examples, through AI integration, and our Mosh JD catalog. Users can use our integrated Chat GPT model to write their job description, and simply select/edit the content they like. Users can also pull indeed job description examples and content from other sources via our catalog.
  • 9. How can I get my existing job description inventory into Mosh JD job description software?
    Mosh JD allows users to simply import a CSV file of their job description catalog into the system. If your catalog is scattered across multiple formats, Mosh JD offers an import service where our team will import your job description inventory for you.
  • 10. Can Mosh JD's job description software help me address unconscious bias and write more inclusive job descriptions?
    Yes, Mosh JD has partnered with Grammarly in order to allow our users to combat unconscious bias and write more inclusive job descriptions. Grammarly’s diversity and inclusion job description AI language detector flags words that may be considered non-inclusive and recommends changes live as you are creating or editing a job description.
  • 11. Does Mosh JD job description management software require any long term commitment?
    No, Mosh JD does not require our clients to commit to a long term agreement. We present our customers with the option to sign up for our services on month to month basis. However, our clients can sign up for a 1 year term for a discount.
  • 12. Does Mosh JD job description software provide tools to help with job description compliance around FLSA, EEO, and other requirements?
    Yes, Mosh JD job description software allows users to use Chat GPT to generate statements around EEO etc. live in the tool and then edit as they see fit. Users can also use our collaborate job description function to ask for legal review of the JD before publishing. Admins can also store “snippets” to have these approved phrases accessible at anytime.
  • 13. Can Mosh JD job description management software help me establish career paths?
    Yes, by utilizing Mosh JD to maintain accurate and up to date job descriptions organizations can develop clear and accurate career paths to better develop and promote internal talent
  • 14. What makes Mosh JD the best job description software for me?
    Mosh JD is a job description software best fit for companies who want a simple way cost effective way to manage job descriptions. Our tool is easy to use, quick to implement, and does not required IT resources to set up. Get your job description catalog loaded in a day- and updated within a week. We are best fit for companies who appreciate simplicity, want accurate job descriptions, and want a partner who can deliver best job descrption management software at a good value.
  • 15. Does Mosh JD job description management software allow admins to restrict access to parts of the system?
    Yes, Mosh JD has a robust permissions management system to allow HR teams to set permission levels for their administrators.
  • 16. Does Mosh JD job description software require all of our HR teams and employees to have access to the system?
    No, Mosh JD does not require a large user base in order to use the system. Administrators can grant access to any other company users they would like to have access which enables them to create, edit, and maintain job descriptions. However, collaboration does not require users to have an account. This means users can be restricted to only a group of individuals who will be editing and owning the job description inventory.
  • 1. Are there any limitations to using Chat GPT in Mosh JD Job description management software?
    No. There are no limitations as to what you can ask Chat GPT in our tool. However, we do recommend Chat GPT is utilized with prompts specifically related to Job description content. We also have a link in our tool to suggested prompts. Chat GPT can write job descriptions and job description sections such as roles & responsibilities, EEO statements, etc.
  • 2. Can Mosh JD Job description software flag language that can be seen as bias or offensive?
    Yes, Mosh JD has partnered with Grammarly to provide our users with AI tools that can enable them to write more inclusive job descriptions. Grammarly will flag language that can be seen as offensive or discriminatory in a job description and provide recommendations to change the language. It will also help you write more attractive and inclusive job descriptions with Grammarlys tone detector. The AI will let you know how your text may sound to readers live when editing.
  • 3. Can Chat GPT write a job description example for us in Mosh JD job description software?
    Yes, Mosh JD users can use Chat GPT to write an entire job description. User can also elect to have Chat GPT only write specific sections of the job description.
  • 4. Can Chat GPT write legal statements for EEO, ADA, FLSA compliance?
    Yes, Chat GPT can write EEO statements and other statements that relate to compliance requirements. However, these statements should always be reviewed by proper counsel to ensure accuracy and compliance.
  • 5. Are Chat GPT's results compliant with all current labor laws?
    Chat GPTs results may not be compliant with current labor laws and requirements. Diligence should be done by Mosh JD clients to ensure accuracy of statements produced by AI.
  • 6. Can the Chat GPT results be edited in Mosh JD job description software?
    Yes, users are free to select which results from Chat GPT they would like to use in their job description and can edit the text as they see fit.
  • 7. Is there any difference in using Chat GPT outside of Mosh JD job description software rather than inside of Mosh JD?
    Mosh JD has a direct API to Chat GPT 4 in order to allow users to generate job descriptions using AI. The content produced by the AI is the same as it would be if the user used Chat GPT outside of Mosh JD's job description management software. The difference is that we have designed out tool to make adding the content easy via a simple selection tool. This will eliminate the need to copy and paste using multiple screens and provides a simpler user experience.
  • 8. How accurate and credible are ChatGPT job descriptions?
    Chat GPT is a great tool for creating job descriptions. Often times AI does a great job at creating accurate duties and responsibilities based on its data sourcing capabilities. However, ChatGPT job descriptions are often generic and may not be tailored to the actual position you are filling. Edits by a human still need to be done to ensure job description accuracy and compliance
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