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Unlock the power of artificial intelligence to write job descriptions

Save time generating job description content. Prompt AI to write all or part of a job description - then edit in our easy to use JD editor. 

Gif of integrated AI tool in Mosh JD job description management software
Screenshot of Mosh Jd's search AI function
AI prompt results when asked to write a job description for an accountant in Mosh JD

The synergy of AI and human collaboration to enhance HR service delivery.

Select AI-generated content that fits your role, then easily customize it to align with your needs and culture using our built-in AI job description generator.

Illustration of woman scrolling Mosh JD job description

Write a job description instantly with the power of AI

Leverage generative artificial intelligence through our AI job description generator to instantly write a job description or develop curated content for your job descriptions. Then simply select and edit the content to customize it to your needs.

Mosh JD ai powered job description software gif

Attract a diverse pool of candidates & promote inclusive culture

Combat unconscious bias with DEI and tone recommendations. Live suggestions will be made to you as you edit, update, and develop job descriptions. 

Illustration of happy employees thumbs up
screenshot of AI language and DEI reccomendations

Ensure job description compliance powered by AI

Use AI to write job description curated content to help you comply with EEO, ADA, and FLSA requirements

AI results for an EEO statement

Key Reasons Why Mosh JD AI Excels in Crafting Job Descriptions

unity icon

One job description database 

Ai is built right into Mosh JD so you can leverage the efficiency of Ai while maintaining an organized and centralized  job catalog.

Easy Icon

Simplified formatting 

Job description architecture is defined at our template level for consistency. When using AI to write job descriptions users can place desired content in the correct section quickly and easily.

History Icon

Full version history

All changes and updates to job descriptions are tracked with our version history capabilities. Instantly see how AI content was used and modified over time.

Content creation icon

Content customization

With Mosh JD you can easily mix content curated from Ai with your own job description content and content in our proprietary template library of 1,700+ job description templates.

See what your job descriptions are capable of with Mosh JD

Mosh JD's sample job description and job description template database

Over 1,700 job description templates

Pair AI with instant access to over 1,700 same job descriptions and job description templates to save time generating relevant job description content.

Woman searching Mosh Jd's job description catalog on laptop

One record of truth for all JDs

Eliminate confusion around job description versions & keep job descriptions current by establishing one record of truth for all JDs across you organization.

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