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Establish a strong foundation for employee relationships 

Improve employee retention and satisfaction while saving time, money, and headaches with effective job description management. 

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One record of truth for all job descriptions & postings

Managing job descriptions can be a source of frustration due to the uncertainty about accuracy and the latest version. Mosh JD alleviates this confusion, ensuring teams are on the same page

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Effortlessly manage job description versions & updates

Instantly access the latest versions of job descriptions and postings at the forefront of our catalog for peace of mind and efficiency. Unapproved job descriptions are watermarked, signaling that their usage has not yet been approved.

Ilustration of woman using Mosh JD job description software
Job description version history
Job description version history
Mosh Docs job description supporting documents

Unify internal job descriptions & external job posts

Develop an efficient job description management process that streamlines operations, reduces confusion, fosters team alignment, and facilitates the seamless creation of exceptional job descriptions.

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Why Mosh JD is the perfect tool for job description managment

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Standardize a process

Create a job description management process that saves time, eliminates confusion, aligns team members, and creates exception job descriptions with ease.

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Facilitate collaboration 

Align internal stakeholders with ease by inviting them to collaborate on a job description with a simple hyperlink to gain feedback & ensure job accuracy. 

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Simplify content creation

Leverage a AI-powered  job description generator and access over 1,700 sample job descriptions instantly, enabling users to create customized job descriptions swiftly without the need to search the internet for content or examples.

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Accurate pay benchmarking

Establish a foundation of reliable job descriptions to enable compensation professionals to confidently benchmark and price jobs. 

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More than just an AI tool to write job descriptions

Mosh JD is designed to address real business goals beyond simple Ai powered content creation. Write job descriptions with ease using Ai, then manage job content over time with collaboration, change permissions and version control.

Job description

Hiring Effectiveness

Create accurate job descriptions that attract best fit candidates, eliminate skills gaps, and reduce time to hire.
Job description inventory in Mosh JD software

Workforce Optimization

Improve employee retention and career development with a foundation of effective job descriptions.
Compare job descriptions

Fair & Competetive Pay

Establish a reliable foundation for salary benchmarking to gain confidence in your compensation decisions.

How to develop a job description management process

Number 1
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Define goals and objectives

Outline the goals of your job description management process. Is it consistency, accuracy, compliance, or all aspects? 

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Form cross-functional teams

Assemble a team comprising people from HR, compensation, talent acquisition, hiring managers, and subject matter experts.

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Inventory current job descriptions

Catalog jobs to identify redundancies and jobs in need of updates in order to identify scope of the project.

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Gather information

Gather information from managers, employees, and other stakeholders to determine key responsibilities, qualifications, etc. for each role. 

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