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A diverse workforce is a strong workforce

When it comes to DEIB, some companies talk the talk, and some companies walk the walk. If you belong to the latter, Mosh JD can help ensure your job descriptions are inclusive, attracting qualified candidates from all backgrounds.

artificial intelligence suggesting edits to language to make it more inclusive

Achieve workforce diversity by attracting candidates from all backgrounds

Eliminate bias from job descriptions to encourage qualified candidates from all backgrounds and walks of life to apply. Craft inclusive job descriptions that align with your culture.

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Use artificial intelligence to combat unconscious bias

It is hard to spot bias that comes from our subconscious. Gain confidence knowing AI will flag any unintentionally offensive language before publishing a job description. 

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Artificial intelligence suggestions on tone in Mosh JD's job description editor
Illustration of editing a job description

Align job descriptions with your brand and culture

The job description is your first impression. Make sure it is inclusive, accurate, and correctly portrays your culture and brand. 

Ensure everyone feels welcome

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Increase applicant volume 

Inclusive job descriptions attract a range of qualified candidates who feel welcome to apply and align with your company's values.

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Improve candidate quality

When candidates from diverse backgrounds feel they belong and are valued they are more likely to apply and contribute to your organization.

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Reach more diverse talent pools

Maximize your reach by combining inclusive job descriptions with targeted outreach strategies to give your talent acquisition team maximum reach to target qualified candidates who feel welcomed by your culture

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Lower hiring costs

Streamline the recruiting process, reduce turnover & time to hire, and attract the best candidates with inclusive job descriptions. 

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More ways to attract and retain qualified talent that matches your values

 Effectively manage inclusive job descriptions for improved recruiting and retention efforts.

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Hiring Effectiveness

Create accurate job descriptions that attract best fit candidates, eliminate skills gaps, and reduce time to hire.
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Update your JD Catalog

Job descriptions out of date or in multiple systems chaotically spread across your org? No worries we have you covered.
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JD collaboration

Improve communication between HR, comp, talent, and internal stakeholders to write better job descriptions

10 words and phrases to avoid in a job description

Number 1
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Preferred candidate

This term can indicate a preference for a certain type of candidate and discourage others from applying. 

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These words can have a gendered connotation and suggest that the ideal candidate is young, male, and aggressive.

Number 3
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The term can be interpreted as negative and discourage candidates who prefer a more collaborative work environment.

Number 4
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Work hard, play  hard

This phrase can be exclusionary and imply that the company values long hours and drinking culture over work life balance.

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