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Effortlessly track the evolution of your job descriptions

Save time and eliminate confusion with clear and up-to-date version history capabilities. 

Job description version history example for civil engineer

Create consistency in hiring standards

Use a job description's evolution to ensure consistency in the qualifications & skills required for a role over time. This promotes fair and standardized hiring practices

job description edit screen with change suggestions
Job description change suggestions with approval or denial options

Efficient updating and revision of job descriptions

Always know which JD is the most current, what changes were made, when, and by whom. Revert to previous versions if needed or use past versions as a template for new roles, saving time & effort in creating or updating JDs

Gif of job descripiton version history tool

Align evolving responsibilities with market rates

Use version history to understand how a role has changed and ensure that compensation is aligned with market rates as the role changes.

Person making edits to a Job description

Key features of Mosh JD's version history

Stamp Icon

Edits are date, time, & user stamped

All changes made by an administrator & suggestions approved by collaborators are date and time stamped to include the name of the party who made the change as sub versions until the JD is published.

export icon

Exporting capabilities & restrictions

Job descriptions are always available to export at any time in multiple formats. Draft versions, however, will come with a "draft" watermark to ensure unpublished JDs are not used mistakenly. 

Quality icon

Published vs draft versions

Mosh JD keeps the job description in a draft version until you decide it is ready to be published. This way, users always know which version is ready for use and which is still being developed.

version History Icon

Full audit trails and historic exports

Mosh JD provides a fully exportable version history report to provide users with a comprehensive audit trail.

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