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Less time on tasks. More time on hiring great employees.

Accurate and organized job descriptions are essential for increasing hiring effectiveness. Attract quality candidates, reduce time to hire, and improve the candidate experience 

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Improve the candidate experience

Providing a clear understanding of the role & company culture will prevent misalignment between the candidate and hiring team, facilitate a positive onboarding experience, and improve employee satisfaction.

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Attract the right candidates & reduce time to hire

Accurate job descriptions that clearly outline the skills, qualifications, and responsibilities required for the role helps attract qualified candidates, reduce the number of irrelevant applications, and results in a shorter hiring cycle.

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Hire candidates who become long term employees

Give candidates a comprehensive understanding of the role, your culture, and set up alignment for new hires to reduce turnover.

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More ways Mosh JD improves hiring effectiveness

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Streamlined screening 

Make it easy for your talent team to compare candidate qualifications to job descriptions for quick and easy interview shortlisting.

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Improve your company brand

Create a positive employer brand and develop a reputation for accurately portraying job reality. Candidates will view your organization as trustworthy and professional.

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Enhanced hiring team collaboration

With Mosh JD job description templates organizations can create structure to jobs so everyone is on the same page with role requirements and can work together to evaluate candidates.

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Clear performance expectations

Establish accurate job descriptions that set clear performance expectations increasing employee satisfaction and performance. 

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Turn your job descriptions into a strategic advantage in the fight for talent

Build on the foundation you have established with Mosh JD to establish a strategic advantage in the talent market. 

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Workforce Optimization

Improve employee retention and career development with a foundation of effective job descriptions.
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Inclusive Job Descriptions

A diverse workforce is a strong one. Use artificial intelligence and peer review to combat unconscious bias. 
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Fair & Competetive Pay

Establish a reliable foundation for salary benchmarking to gain confidence in your compensation decisions.

How to improve candidate quality

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Create detailed job descriptions

Clearly outline responsibilities, skills, qualifications, competencies, and experience required for the role. 

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Use targeted job boards

Post job listings on targeted job boards to increase the likelihood of attracting the right candidates.

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Refine the interview process

Develop and conduct interview processes that focus on assessing the candidates skills, experiences, and qualifications for the role. 

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