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Make compensation decisions with confidence every time

Mosh JD provides the structure you need to establish fair and competitive pay through standardized job descriptions to align internal roles with market pay data.

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Accurate, consistent, and reliable job descriptions for sound compensation decision making

Gain clarity and confidence with a reliable foundation of job descriptions that can be used to benchmark pay against your salary surveys.  

Compare two job descriptions side by side

Keep compensation competitive as job requirements change

Invite your team to help update job descriptions and keep the best talent on the market regardless of your pay philosophy.

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"It's been a while since we updated this JD can you please review and edit where needed?"

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Keep your job descriptions accurate and current with ease

Mosh JD enables companies to maintain current and accurate job descriptions at scale to give you confidence in your pay structures.

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Why Mosh JD is the perfect tool for compensation professionals

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Internal pay equity 

Maintain job descriptions that enable you to ensure employees in similar roles are compensated fairly and equitably based on their contributions.

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Pay transparency 

Foster trust with employees by providing clarity on how their roles are evaluated for compensation purposes.

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Effective salary benchmarking

Confidently match company roles to external salary surveys and databases with accurate up to date job descriptions.

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Maintain job architecture 

Establish and maintain an organized job architecture and communicate internal career paths with well defined job descriptions. 

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All of the tools your team needs to ensure job description accuracy in one platform

Mosh JD is designed to align teams in the pursuit of accurate and current job descriptions, fostering improvements in retention, recruiting, and enhancing compensation decision-making.

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JD Management 

Graduate from Word and Excel docs to save time, money, reduce compliance risks, and set pay.
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Inclusive Job Descriptions

A diverse workforce is a strong workforce. Use AI and peer reviews to combat unconscious bias.
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JD Collaboration

Eliminate silos between hiring managers, compensation, talent acquisition, and HR to write better job descriptions

How to move from traditional to competency based job descriptions

Number 1
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Sell your team on the change

Before you make the shift make sure everyone involved understands what competency-based JDs are and their benefits.

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Identify key competencies

Determine the competencies crucial for success in the role. This could include technical skills, soft skills, or other relevant qualities.

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Review existing job descriptions

Analyze current job descriptions and compare them to the competencies identified to find overlaps and gaps.

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Develop a framework

Create a competency framework that outlines each competency and it's definition to use as a guide when creating the new job descriptions.

Team benchmarking salaries

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