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Attract a diverse group of highly qualified candidates faster

Develop inclusive & accurate job descriptions with your HR team that attract the most qualified and talented candidates on the market. 

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Maximize candidate attraction with more inclusive job descriptions

Write more inclusive job descriptions with AI and peer reviews to ensure high application rates from qualified candidates of all backgrounds. 

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Gain confidence in sourcing the right candidates based on job requirements

When talent acquisition has clarity around job requirements it empowers hiring professionals to effectively source, screen, and interview candidates. Avoid hiring mismatches, reduce time to hire, and save everyone in the process valuable time.

Set the tone for a positive candidate experience

Well-crafted job descriptions establish expectations that are rooted in reality conveying professionalism to candidates and a foundation of trust with your company.

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See all your team can accomplish with Mosh JD

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Workforce Optimization

Improve employee retention, satisfaction, performance, and enhance career development.
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Hiring Effectiveness

Attract a diverse pool of best fit candidates, reducing time to hire, and eliminate skills gaps.
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Inclusive Job Descriptions

Create more inclusive job descriptions that attract candidates from all backgrounds and alight with your workplace culture. 
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Update your Job Descriptions

Regain control of your job description inventory and establish one record of truth for all JDs

How Mosh JD helps improve hiring effectiveness & candidate quality

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Job posts & supporting docs

Attach job posts directly to internal job descriptions to align requirements, certifications, and keep job posts accurate to current role requirements.

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AI for inclusive language

Built in AI to flag language that may be non-inclusive so that you can combat unconscious bias and write more inclusive job descriptions.

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AI to write job descriptions

With AI to write job descriptions HR teams can create curated job description content quickly & customize it to fit their requirements and company culture

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 Job descriptions templates

Access over 1,700 job description templates and sample job descriptions to create and update job descriptions quickly. All content is fully customizable. 

Explore more ways Mosh JD helps your HR team succeed

Total rewards 

Set your compensation team up to make sound compensation decisions with confidence

Human resource leadership

Job description software designed with the overall workforce strategy in mind

Free resources

Check out our list of  free guides, checklists, and toolkits designed to help you create better job descriptions

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