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Unlock the Power of Effective Job Descriptions

Craft exceptional job descriptions that enhance the hiring process, ensure fair pay, and unlock the full potential of your workforce. 

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See how Mosh JD takes job description management from chaos to clarity. 

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Leverage modern AI to write more accurate, inclusive & compelling job descriptions

Attract a diverse pool of the most qualified candidates on the market with skills that match role requirements.

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Spend less time on job descriptions, more time on developing talent

Leverage AI tools and over 1,700 sample job descriptions to save time. Collaborate with experts across your organization to create exceptional and up-to-date job descriptions with ease.

Achieve pay equity &  competitively price jobs with consistency

An accurate JD catalog provides compensation professionals a foundation for data-driven pay decisions to improve hiring and retention.

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Gear and tools

Built with your business goals in mind

Job Description Management

Graduate from Word and Excel docs to modernize job description management. Save time, reduce compliance risks,  and execute your workforce strategy.
Establish one record of truth for all job descriptions with customized permission controls
Document versions
On demand access to current job description iterations to effortlessly handle variations over time
Team unification
Unify internal job descriptions with external job posts for increased applicant volume, ongoing career development, and pay accuracy
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Built for your talent development team

Job descriptions are the foundation to your talent acquisition and workforce development strategies. Align your team with our job description management software. 

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Compensation Professionals

Accurate and current job descriptions that enable you to confidently benchmark salaries, maintain job levels, and make sound compensation decisions.

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Human Resource Leadership

Defined roles level set workforce strategy and lead to improving talent pipelines, reducing time to hire, and closing critical skills gaps.

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Talent Aquistion & Hiring Managers

Attract more qualified candidates from diverse backgrounds with job posting that align with company strategy, brand, and current role requirements.

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We believe in delivering simple solutions to complex problems

Technology solutions shouldn't take 200+ days to deploy or require you to hire consultants to configure or train you how to use the system. Mosh JD job description management software provides a simplified experience in a system that is deployed quickly so our clients experience value faster.

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Great tech without the hassle

  • Implement in 1-2 weeks

  • No IT resources required

  • Straight-forward pricing

  • No overly- scripted sales process

  • 30 day money back guarantee

No headaches, just clean job titles and description inventories.

Mosh JD will take your job description process from chaos to clarity

Mosh JD job description management software is designed to provide HR teams the tools to eliminate the pain and frustrations of job description management.

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Chat GPT for job descriptions

Use AI to craft versatile job description content that can be customized to your organization's needs and brand.

Engage with us on your terms

Watch a demo, view our resources, or contact us. We are always happy to help. 

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Ready to get started? Click below to setup your account. Once setup a Mosh JD will reach out for a walkthrough.

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Want to speak with an expert to see if Mosh JD is right for your business? We'd love to hear from you.

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Want to learn more about how Mosh JD can impact your business? Take a look at our guides, use cases, and resources.

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