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5 Step Guide to Design Prompts that Create High Quality Job Descriptions Fast with ChatGPT

Updated: Jun 24

This simple step-by-step guide is for HR professionals who want to create high quality job descriptions quickly with ChatGPT.

Screenshot of ChatGPT

The quality of job description content produced by ChatGPT relies heavily on 1 thing.

Quality Prompts.

We know this because our clients use ChatGPT every day to write 100s of job descriptions.

Use this step by step process to engineer prompts that create high quality job descriptions fast.

1️⃣ Define Job Title and Desired Outcome

Start your prompt by directing ChatGPT on your desired outcome. It’s also key to use a common or mainstream job titles when using ChatGPT.

AI models like ChatGPT are trained on vast datasets that include existing texts from the internet, books, articles, and other sources. Currently, this data pre-dates 2023.

These datasets are more likely to contain common job titles and the associated responsibilities, qualifications, and skills.

Therefore, using common job titles helps the AI understand and generate more accurate and relevant content for your job description to use as a foundation for edits.

Chat GPT screenshot with a prompt

2️⃣ Convey or Query Job Skills

Prioritize job skills that you have determined internally are vital for role success and communicate those to ChatGPT so that it can prioritize those job skills in it’s response.

If you have not yet identified these skills, you can query ChatGPT at your prompt to provide skills for you.

If you use this approach, be sure to review ChatGPT’s results for accuracy and delete skills not relevant to the position.

Chat GPT screenshot with a prompt

3️⃣ Define Job Qualifications

Providing ChatGPT a generic prompt to write you a job description will produce a result that leans towards a traditional based job description emphasizing education and qualifications.

If you are moving away from traditional job descriptions and transitioning to competency or skills based JDs be sure to review, edit, and use feedback loops to edit ChatGPTs results.

When specifying job qualifications, avoid using jargon or cliche phrases.

For example, instead of using “team player” use “collaborating with cross functional teams including finance and legal”

Chat GPT with prompt in bar

4️⃣ Prompt for JD Type and Readability

Be specific with the type of job description document you are looking for.

Are you looking for an internal job description document for compensation or compliance purposes?

Do you need a job posting to put out to job boards for recruiting efforts? Do you need a position description to use for career pathing or employee development?

ChatGPT can generate each of these documents based on the directions you provide. If the results do not fit with the design or document type you are looking to ask ChatGPT to adjust.

You can also ask ChatGPT to write specific sections of the JD to use as you are building the document.

Include a prompt to structure the results to match the readability level of your employee/candidate.

ChatGPT screenshot with prompt in the bar

5️⃣ Set Tone and Structure

Dictate the job description structure and set the tone of the result.

Do you want to focus on a certain set of skills? Do you want the job description architecture to include specific sections? Bulleted lists or descriptive paragraphs?

Direct ChatGPT to what the results will look like. This will ensure a starting point to customize the JD that will save you time from making too many formatting edits.

At this point you are ready to create a good draft job description.

ChatGPT screenshot

⬆️ Hit the Arrow to Generate your Job Description

Hit the arrow to generate your draft job description. From here you can copy and paste the results to your job description software for further edits or use feedback loops to alter the results.

If you use Mosh JD, we have embedded ChatGPT in our editor to save you time and provide version history capabilities as your team updates the JD.

Always review results for accuracy and bias. ChatGPT is perfect for jobs that are new to your organization but the results should be used as a framework - edits need to be made to make the job description your own.

💎 Feedback Loop

Once a foundation is built you can provide ChatGPT as many prompts as you need to have it change the JD until you receive the desired results.

For example, I can ask ChatGPT to add a physical requirements section, delete bullets from the duties and responsibility section, and I can provide specific details for salary and comp to improve that section.

You can also do things like job leveling. Upload a JD and ask ChatGPT to level up or level down a job description.

For example, up level from senior to principal or down level from career to a support or coordinator level role.

In the example here - I asked ChatGPT to create a job post off of the job description it created.

💎 Explore and Experiment

Don’t hesitate to experiment with different prompt types to see what works best. ChatGPT is a powerful tool and can handle all kinds of requests.

Exploring will help you understand its capabilities better to discover better outputs and save you time.

Have fun and good luck!

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