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Job Posting Vs. Job Descriptions: How Are They Different?

Job descriptions and job posts are often mistaken for twins when, in reality, they're more like cousins.

In this blog discover the key differences between the two documents, how they are connected, and the key roles each play in talent management.

job post vs job description comparing the two documents

Is the job description and job posting the same document? In conversations, they are sometimes used interchangeably, contributing to confusion. However, they are actually two different documents with distinct purposes.

In this blog, we will discuss what job descriptions and job posts are, and how they differ. We'll also explore how job description software can help craft each document thoughtfully. With JD software, you can also maintain a level of collaboration between the two to keep both documents aligned. This is important as job requirements change over time.

Let’s get started!

What is a Job Description?

The job description is a foundational or compliance document that outlines the complete description of the position including, the roles, responsibilities, its place on the organizational chart, a checklist of qualifications and skills, and expectations for both the person and the organization in the position.

It helps in conducting performance reviews, setting salaries, defining advancement possibilities, complying with external and internal rules, and much more. These descriptions can be an excellent source of structured and streamlined interview questions for the HR team.

What is a Job Posting?

The definition of a job posting suggests it is a marketing tool for your company’s job descriptions.

The job posting describes an open role and introduces your company to potential candidates. It effectively positions the needs of the role, company’s culture, and values in the most appealing way possible. The goal is to attract qualified candidates to apply and repel those who aren’t a good fit.

What is the Difference Between a Job post and Job Description?

A Job description is an internal compliance document. It spells out the skills, knowledge, and attributes needed to perform in a role.

A job posting is a marketing tool to attract the right candidate(s) to apply for open positions. In short, job descriptions lay the groundwork.

Job postings bring that groundwork to life.

Both job posts and job descriptions should have inclusive content and language. Job posts should be a window into your company or job to attract the right talent for your business. While job descriptions should be a fully descriptive document utilized to capture all aspects of the role's requirements for the position and critical information about the company.

Every section of a job posting and job description has technical elements that are hard to get right. In addition, both need to be aligned but structured in different ways to be best fit for their purpose. That's where job description software comes in.

How Job Description Software Can Streamline Your Talent Hunt While Saving Time and Money

Mosh JD job description software aims to simplify the job description management process by providing a simplified experience to create and update job descriptions and job posts.

Our job description software is designed to provide HR teams with the right tools to eliminate the discomfort and pain of job description management.

What Does our Software Offer?

Our software can help companies HR, talent acquisition, and compensation stay aligned by providing the right tools and features to keep job descriptions accurate and current. Here is what it offers;


In the quest to attract extraordinary talent and build fantastic teams, your job descriptions and postings must be authentic, thorough, and well-crafted. This is an integral part of a candidate’s hiring journey, extending to the interview process, skills assessment, and beyond, resulting in a stellar onboarding experience.

If you want your hiring approach and strategy to be precise, we are here to help. Click here now to learn more about our job description software and reach out to us for a consultation today.



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