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How to Maximize ChatGPT to Create Better Job Descriptions Faster

This simple step-by-step guide is for HR professionals who want to create more inclusive, effective, and compliant job descriptions using AI and other modern tools.

52% of job seekers say the quality of a job description is extremely influential in their decision to apply for a job.

65% of employers had to revise a job description less than a year after it was posted to maintain accuracy.

Most HR professionals say it takes 2 or more hours to write a job description.

Using artificial intelligence will modernize your job descriptions while saving you precious time.

Screenshot of ChatGPT

📍 Use ChatGPT to create/update job descriptions

If you do not have a ChatGPT account, you will first have to sign up for one. ChatGPT offers a free and paid version with advanced capabilities.

In this guide, the free version can be used to accomplish all the steps.

To access ChatGPT navigate to and create an account. Then use AI to create a job description.

Write a job description with ChatGPT

Writing a job description with ChatGPT is pretty easy.

  1. Enter a prompt into the message bar asking ChatGPT to write a job description for a position. You can also ask ChatGPT to write specific JD sections. ✍️ Example Prompt: “Write me a job description for a sales consultant” ✍️ Example Prompt: “Write me a position summary for a sales consultant including a bulleted list of job duties”

  2. View the results, copy, paste, and edit accordingly.

💎 It’s important to review the results and make edits prior to utilizing the job description. ChatGPT makes mistakes and may possess inherited bias from the design of its code.

✅ Always review job description content generated by artificial intelligence prior to use.

✨ If you are new to ChatGPT - play around! The more specific the prompt, the better the results will be. More on that later.

Update job descriptions with ChatGPT

ChatGPT can be used to expedite the update process of existing job descriptions while gaining instant access to industry data and trends up until ChatGPT’s last training cut-off date.

These updates are best done in a job description management software to control version history and eliminate unintended use of outdated JDs.

However, updates can happen outside of job description software. Updates can be done in 3 ways.

1 Rewrite the section of the JD completely with ChatGPT in JD software

Using Chatgpt in Job Description software

This image shows the use of ChatGPT embedded in our job description software Mosh JD.

Select which pieces of content to use in lieu of, or to supplement your outdated content.

Then simply edit and publish the current version for universal use across the org.

The change will be date and time stamped automatically for audit trail purposes.

💎 Using ChatGPT in job description software will save you time from copy and pasting from multiple screens while tracking changes and version history in real time.

2 Ask ChatGPT to rewrite, enhance, or update a job description

Screenshot of ChatGPT

Copy and paste a section or the entire job description into ChatGPT. Then prompt it to update, edit, or enhance the job description.

✨ The more specific you are communicating your objectives in the update to ChatGPT in your prompt the better.

3 Ask ChatGPT 4 to completely rewrite your job description

With the premium version of ChatGPT you can upload documents for analysis.

Screenshot of uploading a job description to ChatGPT 4

Upload your job description and ask ChatGPT to re-write it. In this example we prompted ChatGPT:

💬 “Rewrite this job description to modernize it by focusing on skills and competencies required to succeed in the role with less emphasis on education and qualifications.”

The resulting job description transformed the existing traditional job description to a more modern skill-based JD in seconds.

💎 Re-writes using AI should always be reviewed for accuracy, scanned for bias, and assessed against the actual role to capture the specific nuances of your specific job.

📍 Use ChatGPT to scan & suggest JD improvement

Instead of asking ChatGPT 4 to rewrite your job description, you can ask it to provide recommendations for improvement and decide where to make changes.

This can also be accomplished with the free version of ChatGPT if you copy and paste the JD

Upload your job description and ask ChatGPT to rewrite it.

In this example we prompted ChatGPT:

💬 “Provide recommendations to modernize this job description focusing on skills and competencies required to succeed in the role with less emphasis on education and qualifications.”

Screenshot of ChatGPT 4

Once scanned you can choose which recommendations to implement.

📍 Explore GPTs built by your HR colleagues for JDs

OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT, released “GPTs” in November 2023 which allowed users to create a version of ChatGPT for a specific purpose.

In the process of creating a GPT, you customize AI for a specific purpose, providing it parameters that help focus ChatGPT.

GPTS screen shot

Anyone can build a GPT without coding expertise - and your HR colleagues have taken advantage to create some pretty cool GPTs specific to HR.

Here are a couple of our favorite job description based GPTs:

💻 Talent Competency Framework Advisor: If you are transitioning from traditional job descriptions to competency based JDs this GPT helps establish frameworks & more.

💻 Talent Architect: Specifically made to provide advise on talent development. Development plans, best practices for skills assessments, strategic HR planning, & more.

💻 Job Description Creator: This GPT is a focused version of ChatGPT dedicated to creating job descriptions.

💻 Job Description Optimizer: I created JD optimizer to enhance job descriptions. It’s directive is to use it’s vast expanse of data to help improve JD quality & inclusivity.

💎 Use these GPT to modernize your job descriptions. Build competency frameworks, update skills based on data from ChatGPT, & more.

📍Scan job descriptions for inclusive language

These tools are routed in technology similar to ChatGPT and used scan text for inclusive language.

There are a lot of different tools out there - many will flag non-inclusive text and make suggestions to improve.

Screenshot of AI scanning job description for inclusive language

Simply review and decide if you should except the change - as you see above in Mosh JD.

💎 I always recommend going through a peer review in addition to utilizing AI to scan job descriptions for inclusive language. AI itself is known to possess inherent bias and is not perfect.

📍Assess readability metrics with AI

There are various tools on the market that will scan your job descriptions for word count, readability, and tone.

This can come particularly in handy for job posts to attract a diverse pool of highly qualified talent

✨ The below screenshot is from Mosh JD. AI is embedded into our editor to provide you insights into readability, grade level, and provide recommendations to improve language.

Mosh JD's Inclusive Language Scanner

Use this tool to gain insights into these metrics:

  1. Job description sentiment/tone vs. peers

  2. Total JD word count vs. peers

  3. Insensitive wording

  4. Gender & racial bias

💎A few other free tools to check out that provides insight into reading grade level is Hemingway and Jobvite’s JD grader.

📍Keep JDs current with job description software

So you’ve used ChatGPT and other modern AI tools to update your job descriptions.

🤔 Now what?

How do you distribute them to the organization and make sure old versions are not utilized by mistake?

Of course - as the founder of a job description software I’m going to recommend using job description software for this effort.

👂 But hear me out - Even if you are not using Mosh JD - using software over manual processes can modernize and elevate your JDs.

Here’s how: 

  • Changes are tracked automatically providing an audit trail

  • JD software typically includes version history to avoid old versions being utilized by mistake

  • Templates can be established to lock down JD architecture for consistency

  • Job posts, interview guides, and more can be stored with the JD

  • One record of truth is established for all JDs

Job description software will help you stay organized and capture the full benefits of your newly modernized job descriptions.

If you are looking to update your job descriptions with AI in one easy to use catalog visit Mosh JD and schedule a demo with us.



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