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Manual Vs. Software-Driven Job Descriptions: Which is better?

Updated: Jan 20

Did you know that according to an HRSG survey, almost 60% of respondents shared that it takes two hours on average to craft a job description?

Not only this, 35% of the respondents said that less than half of their company’s jobs have descriptions relevant to their organization and over 60% of respondents shared that a quarter of these jobs lack a proper job description.

Can transitioning from a manual process to job description software improve these numbers?

Job description on a laptop

These statistics are a clear indication of how inaccurate, imprecise, and time-consuming the manual job description method is. Have you ever wondered why we waste so much of our precious time managing job descriptions manually when we have advanced tools and technology to automate and simplify the process?

If you are still following the same old manual method to craft and manage job descriptions, this blog is for you. In this blog, we will take you through a brief guide explaining the differences between manual and automated software-driven job description management and how it can improve recruitment and retention.

Continue reading if you want to spare yourself the headaches by simplifying your recruitment process with this guide to Job Description Software.

Let’s dive in.

What is Job Description Management Software?

Job description software is a tool that allows companies to manage, create, and store job descriptions for their employees. This software typically uses artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline the process of creating and updating job descriptions and provides a single source database for organizations to manage and retrieve the most current/accurate version of the job description with ease. This improves job description accuracy, making them more attractive to a diverse pool of candidates while improving efficiency in the hiring process.

Key Differences Between Manual and Automated (software-driven) Job Description 

1. Formatting & Standards

A uniform job description format is crucial for a streamlined hiring process, but when companies grow beyond a few departments, it becomes difficult to maintain a standard format for crafting job descriptions. However, job description software provides you with the right tools to foster collaboration throughout the organization while unifying your organization's job descriptions.

2. Compliance Process

Compliant job descriptions require more than just a consistent format. It’s also about the paper trail that is impossible to maintain with a manual system in place. Job description software, on the other hand, provides a collection of features and tools enabling you to build a compliance process.

Job positions keep evolving over time and with a manual job description process it is extremely difficult and labor intensive to review and update your company’s job descriptions regularly.  According to an HRSG survey, 7% of the respondents shared that they don’t update their job descriptions unless there’s a vacant position available. Furthermore, over 65% of employers have reported they needed to update job descriptions within a year of posting them. This clearly shows a reactive approach. Job description software, on the other hand, empowers you with the tools to ensure that your job descriptions reflect the reality of evolving roles and are always up-to-date.

4. Time Spent on Job Description Management

It takes so much time to gather accurate information and craft job descriptions manually. Job description software can help save time by crafting accurate job descriptions using easily accessible sample job description data, AI, and by facilitating a simple collaboration process to have internal stakeholders &  experts review job descriptions for accuracy all in a fraction of the time.

5. Analyzing Employee Competencies

A dedicated job description software can help you build, manage, and give you the best bang for your buck. This allows you to use your existing job description catalog with confidence to map behaviors and skills (competencies), build relevant and precise interview guides, and properly benchmark compensation in a matter of minutes. This is very difficult to achieve with a manual system.

Benefits of Job Description Software

1. Improved Candidate Matching

Job description software uses AI and NLP to improve the quality of candidates. The software can suggest phrases and keywords to craft job descriptions that can help find candidates who are a better match for the role.

2. Reduced Bias in Job Descriptions

Job description software can suggest alternative language for discriminatory and biased phrases, crafting a more inclusive job description. It helps reduce the risk of legal issues and creates a more diverse candidate pool.

3. Improved hiring efficiency

Job description management software allows organizations to easily access the most current job description version to post on multiple social media platforms and job boards, ensuring job posts accurately reflect role requirements at all times.

4. Accurate and Competitive Compensation

Job description software can provide useful insights that allow your organization to stay competitive in terms of compensation. By ensuring job descriptions are always accurate, current compensation team members can accurately utilize salary surveys to make compensation decisions that help companies optimize and amplify their efforts to find the best candidates.

Job Description Software is Better and Can Save Your Organization a Ton of Money.

If you do not have a software solution in place, you are missing out on opportunities to find untapped talent and upscale your organization while saving time that can be better directed towards other more important HR initiatives.

This is where job description management software by Mosh JD can help! Our cutting-edge software can help you craft a compelling job description while enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of the recruitment process.



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